Residential Movers in Langley

No matter who you are, you know that moving can be stressful, annoying and expensive. You spend hours packing, cleaning and organizing. You have to cancel services, have your mail forwarded and change your address on all of your identification and paperwork. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s where the professionals at Vic’s The Moving Man come in. We take at least some of the stress out of moving. We offer a wide variety of personalized moving services at some of the most competitive prices in Langley. We work with you to deliver the services that you need for your unique situation and always ensure that every aspect of your move goes smoothly. Our experienced and dedicated team has the skill needed to transport and handle even the most complicated, delicate or fragile objects, from a glass vase to a grand piano.

Professional Packing Services

At Vic’s The Moving Man, we know that moving isn’t just packing belongings into boxes and crates. We understand that you have trusted us to take care of your memories and precious items. For this reason, we are dedicated to proper storage and packing techniques to ensure that each item arrives exactly as it was before the move. Our packing crews always use professional grade packing materials and protect your valuables with care. From specialized cartons and recyclable paper to bubble wrap, foam, plastic wrap and reusable quilted moving pads, we take the time to ensure that your belongings are packed safely and correctly. For fragile items that require special care, such as stained glass windows, artwork and chandeliers, we use custom wood crates that are constructed to the exact specifications needed to protect these valuable items.

Furniture Moving in Langley

We’ve moved furniture and home appliances for families in and around Langley for years. It is our goal to make it less stressful to move. Plus, we provide you with all of the necessary packing materials and always protect your property from damage during transportation. Our long distance movers can even prepare your furniture for moving. We’ll disassemble and pack all furniture according to safety requirements and move it safely and securely across any distance.

Our skilled movers take an innovative and responsible approach to moving, which makes us an excellent choice for Langley furniture moving. Our moving experts even work to develop the best route for your move in order to save you time and transportation costs.

For moving to Langley, from Langley or anywhere in the Langley, BC area, please contact us for more information from our consultants and to schedule your move.